Open symposium (in English) will be held in Café Iðnó Vonarstræti 3 Reykjavík in cooperation with Reykjavík Literature festival and Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature. This symposium is the first part of the conference.

Wednesday 11th September from 8.30-12.15

Symposium chairman: Mr. Vésteinn Ólason, professor emeritus.

8.30   Registration

9.00   Welcome speech

Mr. Illugi Gunnarsson, minister of education and culture.

 9.10   Keynote speaker:

Dr. Hans Christian Andersen, Professor at Northumbria University for Marketing Travel and Tourism Management.

 10.00   Presentations. The meaning of literary tourism and literature roots for cultural tourism.

10.30   Coffee break


11.30   Panel discussion

  • lead by Vésteinn Ólason, symposium chairman

12.15    End of the symposium

Registration fee for the the morning symposium is ISK 5000 (50% discount for students). 

Those who are not participating in the conferance but want to register for the symposium please send message to and register in advance. The registration fee can be transferred to account 0101-26-4212, kt. 421299-3079 with the explanation “littmus”.

The program can be downloaded here


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